Services and Capabilities

PCBA, Flex Circuits, and Cable Assemblies

Singular Manufacturing specializes in the manufacturing management and fulfillment of custom Rigid and Flexible Circuits and Circuit Board Assemblies for multiple applications. Commercial, Consumer, Industrial, and more, Singular is the choice for your customized PCBA and flex needs.

Working in partnership with our customers, Singular’s staff is dedicated to providing creative solutions to our customers’ product development needs. Singular also provides customers with rapid prototype solutions in order to verify their design concepts

Singular has experience in copper flex, printed flex, FPC, FFC, and Rigid Flex.
Singular’s support ensures that our customers’ product is released into production with efficient and cost-effective manufactured solutions.

Product Development and Engineering Support

Working in partnership with our customers, Singular’s team is dedicated to providing creative solutions to our customers’ product development needs.

Engaging in collaboration with a number of noted device design firms, the device design will be brought to life from concept to functional prototypes with material and component selection with an eye always on bringing your product to market.

With resources in North America, Asia, and Europe, our teams have the ability to provide manufacturing solutions to our customers’ engineering and design teams.

Singular can handle your low volume, high mix projects to get your device to market. With modular, flexible manufacturing capabilities, we customize our prototype, assembly, and manufacturing capabilities to your specific needs.  When your product is ready to ramp up, so are we.  We can readily scale with you, domestically and abroad.

Injection Molded Plastics

Singular Manufacturing specializes in managing plastic injection molding while maintaining the highest quality standards that OEMs require for their custom plastic parts. Our tooling and production management capabilities make us an industry leader in handling the simplest to the most complex parts in your assembly.
Whatever your plastic injection molding needs are; partner with us for  your next project.

Some of the many advantages of plastic injection molding include:

• High production rates, lower labor costs
• Repeatable and precise tolerances
• Accommodation of a wide range of materials
• Minimal scrap loss and finishing required

Our goal is to provide a wide variety of options for your molding needs.  We can mold domestically, or overseas.  We can run low to high volumes.  We can run a wide variety of materials.

We will assist with bringing your concept to reality.  We will conduct DFM (design for manufacture) reviews so any manufacturing issues are dealt with early in the process.

Trust our 30 years of experience in plastics.

Metal Stamping, Die Casting, and CNC

Utilizing sources in North America and overseas, Singular can offer its customers stamping and CNC solutions to meet all of their volume requirements. Whether it is a high volume progressive stamping that requires “class A” tooling, or a low volume single stage tool solution for volumes as low as a few thousand per year, Singular has the experience needed to accommodate any customer need.

Assembly, Kitting, Fulfillment, and Value Add Services

Singular Manufacturing utilizes our extensive experience in product kitting and packaging, enabling us to provide packaging solutions that are custom designed to offer optimal value.
We offer fulfillment services that will integrate with your existing ERP systems. We can help manage all aspects of your product’s manufacture. From component manufacture, QC, assembly, packaging, to fulfillment to your customer. We can assist in all areas required to bring your product to your customers.
Vendor Managed Inventory, Kitting, Packaging, and Fullfillment Services Include:
• Blisters / Clamshells / Trays
• Sealing (Ultrasonic, RF, and Heat)
• Complete material finished goods and inventory management, lot controlled for traceability
• Warehousing and Fulfillment /Global distribution capability

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